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May 2015 – When we took over the business last year there were only two hoists in the workshop which made it difficult if a car was on one of them for a length of time.

Last November we installed a third one and last month, another.  Now with four hoists if one is blocked it doesn’t impede on other work.  In time we will be installing a small scissor hoist solely for tyres and wheel balancing.


Workshop 4 Hoists

Workshop 4 Hoists


Friday 2nd May 2015 – Water leaked on to the electrical switchboard and caused an explosion to occur.  This in turn erupted into a small fire which was quickly extinguished by our youngest mechanic Scott.  His quick action averted a serious situation and we are all happy he was on hand.

Thanks also goes to the maintenance man from Top Taste who helped us with turning off the electricity, something we overlooked.

The fire brigade – through no fault of their own – took an hour to arrive but when the did, they quickly assessed the situation and gave the all clear.

The heavy deluge caused flooding in the area and as is normal, Kitchener road and Glentanna street flooded.  Naturally people still attempted to go through the flooded roads and again naturally, they failed.  Several vehicles attempted and several failed which would may have caused some serious issues.

Down the road at Ford they had a raging torrent of water going into their underground car park.  We can only hope they anticipated this happening and got all the vehicles out in time.

We took some photos and as we took one of them lightning flashed illuminating night into day.  It was quite spectacular to witness.

Is it day time?

Is it day time?


Or is it day time?

Or is it night time?


September 2015 – We have purchased another hoist and now have five.  Due to low ceiling height we were unable to put in a full size hoist and have opted for a scissor lift.  We are still able to do services on this hoist and it has enormously helped us in increasing productivity.

In the event that further hoists are required, we have extended the mezzanine floor and moved the stairs to the front of the building.  The reason for extending the mezzanine is two fold.  The first reason is that we now have more storage space for our documents.  Secondly, moving the stairs has given us another work bay thus giving us the opportunity of adding two more scissor lifts in if they are needed in the future.

It’s hard to believe that in such a short time we have needed to install three additional hoists from when we moved in last year.  We are very happy with the way the business is going and are very grateful to our clientele for their support.  We have received so many referrals that is has helped us grow faster than we thought possible.


August 2016 – We have just installed our 6th hoist but due to workshop height restraints, again we could only fit in another scissor lift. We have one more work bay left and in time, no doubt we will be installing hoist number 7. Of course, it will be another scissor lift.

Our business has grown according to our business plan and we are very happy with its progress. Of course, it’s all thanks to the good people who support us. Thank you all very much for your custom and continued support.

As the business has grown, so too has technology. The importance of keeping up to date with the advanced technology on vehicles is crucial. Dealing with the myriad of warning lights that come on from time to time have always been attended to, but sometimes more involved investigative work is required and outside assistance was sought.

For this reason, we now have an onsite Automotive Electrician for all your electrical needs. We have diagnostic scanners for all makes and models so if you have an ECU, ABS, Air Bag or other electrical issue, you can feel confident in our diagnosis and subsequent repairs.

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